closeIn 1790 Congress chose an area donated by Maryland as the seat of their new government. In 1800 they moved to the new city named after the first president George Washington.
Today Washington is more than just the political center of the United States. The city offers visitors a large number of impressive museums, memorials and monuments such as the 555ft tall Washington Monument.
Random Washington Highlights
White House, Washington
The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States. Soon after its completion in 1800 the building was nicknamed 'white house', and it became the official name about a century later.
National Mall, Washington
The National Mall is a strip of green between the US Capitol and the Washington Monument. Most of Washington's museums and Federal institutions are situated around the mall.
Arlington National Cemetery, Washington
The Arlington Cemetery was established in 1864 when the Federal Government confiscated the estate of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Today, more than 300.000 people are buried here.
National Museum of American History, Washington
In the National Museum of American History you find numerous items that are related to the history of the United States. Among them many historic objects, but also items that reflect popular culture, such as a jersey worn by Michael Jordan.

Random Washington Tours & Activities
See the City Segway Tour, Washington
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
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