Country : Austria
Currency : Euro (EUR)
Language : German (Austrian German)
City: 1 741 246 (2013)
Metro: 2 374 720 (2013)
Zone: Central European Time (CET)
closeVienna, the capital of Austria, boasts an impressive number of palaces, monuments and other landmarks due to its centuries long position as the heart of the Habsburg Empire.
Most of the city's main sights are located in Vienna's compact center or at the boulevard encircling the historic center, which makes it easy to visit the city on foot. Other neighborhoods are easily accessible thanks to the efficient subway.
Random Vienna Highlights
Michaelerplatz, Vienna
Michaelerplatz is a square dominated by the Michaelertor, a grand archway leading to the heart of the Hofburg. Opposite are the modern Looshaus and the Michaelerkirche, one of Vienna's oldest churches.
Museum of Fine Arts, Vienna
Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum is not only home to one of the world's largest collections of paintings, but you'll also find decorative arts as well as artifacts from Egypt, the Antiquity and even Prehistoric artifacts.
Ringstraße, Vienna
The Ringstraße is a boulevard created in the 19th century at the site of the former city fortifications. In a span of just two decades a host of magnificent buildings were erected here, from a city hall to an opera house.
UNO City, Vienna
UNO City, also known as Vienna International Center, is a complex of office towers created in the 1970s to house the administrations of several organizations of the United Nations.

Random Vienna Tours & Activities
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