Country : Italy
Currency : Euro (EUR)
Language : Italian
City: 264 534 (2014)
Metro: 499 966 (2014)
Zone: Central European Time (CET)
closeVenice is one of a very small list of cities that are truly unique. Once the center of a powerful maritime empire, Venice is a city dotted with magnificent palaces and churches. Mostly devoid of cars and modern buildings, time seems to have stood still here.
Venice is located in the middle of a lagoon and the city is dissected by about 150 channels. The city's architecture is also unique, a mixture of Gothic and Byzantine styles.
Random Venice Highlights
Scuola Grande di San Marco, Venice
The Scuola was built in the 13th century as one of six confraternities in Venice. In the early 19th century it was converted into a hospital. The magnificent fa├žade dates from the 15th century.
Ca' d'Oro, Venice
Venice's Grand Canal is lined with magnificent buildings. The 15th century Palazzo Santa Sofia or Ca' d'Oro (House of Gold) is one of the most beautiful among them.
Teatro La Fenice, Venice
La Fenice (The Phoenix) is of the best-known opera houses in Europe. The theater building was destroyed by arson but rebuilt to its original 18th century glory in 2003.
Lido, Venice
Lido, a long, narrow island in the Venetian Lagoon was one of the world's first exclusive resorts. Today Lido's long beach draws both locals and tourists to the island during the warm summer months.

Random Venice Tours & Activities
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