Country : Italy
Currency : Euro (EUR)
Language : Italian
City: 264 534 (2014)
Metro: 499 966 (2014)
Zone: Central European Time (CET)
closeVenice is one of a very small list of cities that are truly unique. Once the center of a powerful maritime empire, Venice is a city dotted with magnificent palaces and churches. Mostly devoid of cars and modern buildings, time seems to have stood still here.
Venice is located in the middle of a lagoon and the city is dissected by about 150 channels. The city's architecture is also unique, a mixture of Gothic and Byzantine styles.
Random Venice Highlights
San Zaccaria, Venice
One of the world's most beautiful renaissance churches was built in the 15th century. The church houses several important paintings, including Bellini’s last Madonna with child and saints.
St. Mark's Square, Venice
Possibly the world's most famous square, the Piazza di San Marco is surrounded by magnificent historic buildings that are a testament to the power and wealth of the Venetian Empire.
Rialto Bridge, Venice
Venice's famous Rialto Bridge was long the only bridge crossing the Grand Canal between the San Marco and San Polo districts. The bridge was built in the 16th century and is covered with shops.
Santa Maria della Salute, Venice
One of Venice's most iconic structures was built in the 17th century in honor of the Virgin Mary after a wave of the plague had killed one third of the city's inhabitants.

Random Venice Tours & Activities
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