Country : Canada
Currency : Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Language : English
City: 545 674 (2001)
Metro: 1 986 965 (2001)
Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)
closeVancouver is a very young city; it wasn't until after the World Exposition in 1986 before Vancouver changed from a sleepy provincial city to a booming metropolis.
Even today the city continues to expand at a high rate: once abandoned industrial areas have thus turned into fashionable and lively districts such as Yaletown and Coal Harbour.
Random Vancouver Highlights
Robson Street, Vancouver
Robson Street is Vancouver's main retail strip, ideal for shopping, dining or people watching. Some of the city's attractions are located here, such as the Art Gallery and the modern library building.
Canada Place, Vancouver
Canada Place is one of Vancouver's main landmarks, originally built for the 1986 World Exposition. The building is now mainly used as a convention center.
Yaletown, Vancouver
In the 1980s this area was a rather desolate industrial site. After a developer purchased the site it was transformed into a hip residential and commercial area.
Dr Sun Yat-Sen Garden, Vancouver
The small Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden was created for the 1986 Expo in Vancouver. It was the first authentic full-scale classical Chinese garden outside of China.

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