Country : Canada
Currency : Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Language : English
City: 545 674 (2001)
Metro: 1 986 965 (2001)
Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)
closeVancouver is a very young city; it wasn't until after the World Exposition in 1986 before Vancouver changed from a sleepy provincial city to a booming metropolis.
Even today the city continues to expand at a high rate: once abandoned industrial areas have thus turned into fashionable and lively districts such as Yaletown and Coal Harbour.
Random Vancouver Highlights
Yaletown, Vancouver
In the 1980s this area was a rather desolate industrial site. After a developer purchased the site it was transformed into a hip residential and commercial area.
Vanier Park, Vancouver
Vanier park is the setting for three of Vancouver's most interesting attractions: the Space Centre with its planetarium, the Vancouver Museum and the Maritime Museum.
Queen Elisabeth Park, Vancouver
Established in 1930 at the site of a former quarry, this 130acre / 65ha large park includes a conservatory, a fountain, colorful gardens and even a wedding pavilion.
Chinatown, Vancouver
Vancouver's Chinatown is one of the largest in North America. The neighborhood's main attraction is the beautiful Dr. Sun-Yat-Sen garden, an authentic Chinese garden.

Random Vancouver Tours & Activities

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