Country : Canada
Currency : Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Language : English
City: 2 481 494 (2001)
Metro: 4 682 897 (2001)
Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
closeToronto has grown tremendously over the last 200 years from a small town at Lake Ontario to Canada's most populous city.
The city boasts the world's largest underground city, the CN Tower - the world\'s tallest structure until 2009 - and a number of top-class museums such as the Royal Ontario Museum.
Random Toronto Highlights
Casa Loma, Toronto
Sir Henry Pellatt, a local tycoon built his dreamhouse at the beginning of the 20th century and fashioned it like a romanticized version of a medieval castle.
Music Garden, Toronto
Toronto's Music Garden is a beautifully designed garden near the waterfront. The garden's design is inspired by a cello piece by Johann Sebastian Bach.
St. James Cathedral, Toronto
The Cathedral Church of St. James was built in the nineteenth century in a neo-Gothic style. The church has beautiful stained glass windows and on Sundays, you can hear a concert of change-ringing bells.
CN Tower, Toronto
The CN Tower was long the world's tallest structure at more than 550 meter (1815 ft). It was built in 1976 as a telecommunications tower. The tower features an observation deck at 342 m and a skypod at 447m (1465ft)!

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