Lesser Town Bridge Towers

Malostranské mostecké veze
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Two medieval bridge towers guard the entrance to Lesser Town from the Charles Bridge. The tallest tower was meant to mirror the more famous Old Town Bridge Tower on the other end of the bridge.

Judith Tower

Lesser Town Bridge Towers
Lesser Town
Bridge Towers

Charles Bridge seen from Lesser Town Bridge Tower
View towards Old town
The lowest tower, the Judith Tower, was built together with the Romanesque Judith Bridge. This bridge, named after King Vladislav I's wife, was destroyed by flood in 1342 and later replaced by the Charles Bridge. The Judith Tower guarded the entrance to the former Judith Bridge.

Lesser Town Bridge Tower

In 1464 King George of Podebrady ordered the construction of a new, taller tower next to the Judith Tower. This late Gothic tower, known as the Lesser Town Bridge Tower, was built on the remains of an old Romanesque tower. Its design was modeled on Peter Parler's Old Town Bridge Tower at the other end of the Charles Bridge.

The two towers are connected by a crenellated gate. The gate was built in 1411 during the reign of Wenceslas IV, even before the second tower was built.

Visiting the Bridge Tower

The Judith Tower is not open to the public, but the Lesser Town Bridge Tower can be visited during high season. Inside the tower is an exhibition on the history of the Charles Bridge. From the top of the tower you have a nice view over the bridge.

Lesser town end of Charles Bridge
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