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  • The Lone Sailor, US Navy MemorialThumbed up
  • Ammannati Courtyard seen from inside Palazzo PittiThumbed up
  • The Victor Emmanuel Monument at Piazza VeneziaThumbed up
  • Empire State BuildingThumbed down
  • Riesenrad, PraterThumbed up
  • Triton Gate, Pena PalaceThumbed up
  • The fairy-tale Pena National PalaceThumbed up
Recently added Photos
  • Letensk√° Water Tower
  • New Port House
  • Equestrian statue of P. G. T. Beauregard
  • Tableware for the upper class on the Red Star Line
  • Ceiling of the St. Nicholas Church in the Old Town
  • Statue in the St. Nicholas Church, Old Town
  • Palacio del Senado
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