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  • St. James's ParkThumbed up
  • Bathtub fountain on the Piazza FarneseThumbed up
  • Chiesa di Santa BrigidaThumbed up
  • Main portal of the Palazzo FarneseThumbed up
  • Bathtub fountain, Piazza FarneseThumbed up
  • Palazzo Farnese, Piazza FarneseThumbed up
  • Piazza FarneseThumbed up
Recently added Photos
  • Inside the Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Petit Palais interior
  • Statue of Charles de Gaulle
  • Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly facade
  • Pond in the inner garden of the Petit Palais
  • Tour D2, La Défense
  • Sarcophagus, Capitoline Museums
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