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  • Madame TussaudsThumbed up
  • Cave Monastery, Gellért HillThumbed up
  • WWII Memorial - Rainbow poolThumbed up
  • Front facade of the NY Public LibraryThumbed up
  • Side view of the Curia JuliaThumbed up
  • Plutei Traiani - Trajan introduces agricultural loansThumbed up
  • Plutei Traiani - Trajan burns registrations of unpaid taxesThumbed up
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  • San Juan de la Cruz
  • WTC Path station
  • Lower Manhattan Skyline
  • Pulpit in the St. Nicholas Church, Old Town
  • Plaça de Manises
  • Statue of Bedřich Smetana
  • Neptune Fountain, Square of October 14
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