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closeAs the most important city in colonial America, Philadelphia has a rich history. The declaration of Independence was signed in the city's state house, now the Independence Hall. Other significant events like the signing of the US Constitution and the creation of a national flag also took place in Philadelphia.
Many buildings from this revolutionary period can be visited; most of them are clustered in the Independence National Historical Park.
Random Philadelphia Highlights
Merchants' Exchange, Philadelphia
Philadelphia's 19th century Merchants' Exchange is the oldest stock exchange building in the country. Today it houses offices of the National Park Service.
30th Street Station, Philadelphia
30th Street Station is Philadelphia's main Railway Station. The monumental neo-classical train station was built between 1929 and 1934, during the Great Depression.
Christ Church, Philadelphia
Historic Christ Church is often called "The Nation's Church". Many prominent revolutionary figures, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, attended services in this church.
Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia
This group of neo-classical buildings housed the first American municipal water treatment system, built to supply Philadelphia with clean drinking water.

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Philadelphia CityPass, Philadelphia
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