Country : Germany
Currency : Euro (EUR)
Language : German
City: 1 407 835 (2014)
Metro: 2 768 488 (2014)
Zone: Central European Time (CET)
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closeMunich, the capital of Bavaria, is a large cosmopolitan city that has been able to retain a provincial atmosphere. Its center is very compact, making it easy to tour the city on foot.
Most of the landmarks, like the Frauenkirche and New Town Hall can be found in the historic center. Munich's efficient subway will bring you to more remote sights, such as the Olympiapark and Nymphenburg Palace.
Random Munich Highlights
Ludwigstraße, Munich
Ludwigstraße is Munich's most monumental boulevard, stretching from the Odeonsplatz near the Residenz Palace to the Siegestor, a Victory Gate.
Olympiapark, Munich
Olympiapark was the site of the 1972 Olympic games in Munich. It is best known for the futuristic tent-like structures, in particular the Olympic Stadium.
Feldherrnhalle, Munich
The Feldherrnhalle is a structure built between 1841 and 1844 in honour of the leaders of the Bavarian Army. It is adorned with bronze statues of some of the most revered generals of Bavaria.
Deutsches Museum, Munich
The Deutsches Museum is the largest technological museum of its kind. The exhibits cover topics ranging from mining and agriculture to telecommunication and aerospace.

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