closeMontreal, long Canada's largest city, is the second largest French-speaking city in the world.
Founded in the 17th century as Ville-Marie, Montreal soon developed into a large multilingual metropolis. But as tensions between French and English speaking inhabitants rose during the 20th century, businesses moved out and the city's growth came to a halt.
Thanks to its long history Montreal boasts a large number of attractions, ranging from the historic Notre-Dame Basilica to the modern Olympic Stadium.
Random Montreal Highlights
Square Victoria, Montreal
Square Victoria is a public square that was first created in the early 19th century. The main attraction is the authentic Parisian metro entrance in Art Nouveau style, created in around 1900 and installed here in 1967.
Biosphere, Montreal
This huge geodesic dome was built as the US pavilion for the Expo of 1967 that was held in Montréal. It was one of the expo's most spectacular attrations. Today it is in use as an environmental museum.
Bonsecours Market, Montreal
The Marché Bonsecours was built in the mid-19th century as a large public market hall. Initially it also housed Montréal's city hall. Today it is home to shops, restaurants and even a museum.
Mount Royal Park, Montreal
The Parc du Mont-Royal or Mount Royal Park is a large urban park that is basically the green lung of Montréal. It is situated right near the city's downtown and the park has several lookouts that offer great views over the city.

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