Country : China
Currency : HK Dollar (HKD)
Language : Chinese (Cantonese), English
City: 1 407 600 (1999)
Metro: 6 826 500 (1999)
Zone: Hong Kong Time (HKT)
Hong Kong
closeIn 1841 Hong Kong Island - not much more than 'a barren island with few houses' - was ceded to the British. In 1997 negotiations between Britain and China resulted in the handover of Hong Kong back to China. Under the credo 'one country, two systems', Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region (S.A.R.) of China.
Hong Kong is a dazzling commercial city where east meets west. The lack of space in Hong Kong has led to the largest concentration of tall buildings in the world, even ahead of New York City.
Random Hong Kong Highlights
Legislative Council Building, Hong Kong
The neo-classical legislative Council Building is a beautiful remnant of Hong Kong's colonial era. The domed building was designed by Sir Aston Webb and completed in 1912.
Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong
This promenade on Tsim Sha Tsui's waterfront is Hong Kong's version of Hollywood boulevard's Walk of Fame. The avenue pays tribute to Hong Kong's rich cinematic tradition.
Nathan Road, Hong Kong
This long, crowded boulevard in Kowloon is dubbed the 'Golden Mile' for its many neon signs. The road, which runs from the waterfront to Mongkok, is popular with visitors for the many shopping opportunities.
Old Bank of China Building, Hong Kong
Built in 1950 as one of Hong Kong's tallest and most prestigious buildings, the former Bank of China building is now dwarfed by the neighboring skyscrapers such as the HSBC Building.

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