Country : Hungary
Currency : Hungarian Forint (HUF)
Language : Hungarian
City: 1 721 556 (2011)
Metro: 2 529 231 (2011)
Zone: Central European Time (CET)
Current time:
closeBudapest, the capital of Hungary, was formed at the end of the nineteenth century when the three cities Pest, Buda and Óbuda merged but its history goes back more than one thousand years.
The city may be known for its thermal baths but there are also plenty of other attractions such as the vast Buda Castle, the majestic Chain Bridge and the romantic Fisherman's Bastion.
Random Budapest Highlights
Danube Promenade, Budapest
Duna-Korzó or Danube Promenade is a popular esplanade along the embankment of the Danube in Pest. Some of the most notable sights in the area include the Vigadó concert hall and the Little Princess statue.
Memento Park, Budapest
Many of the monumental statues that were erected in Budapest during the Communist era are now on display at Memento Park. There are also some exhibits that shed light on the life in Hungary during the Cold War era.
St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest
Budapest's largest church was built between 1851 and 1906. Its majestic dome towers over the skyline of Pest. Inside is a shrine with Hungary's most important relic, the hand of St. Stephen.
Cave Church, Budapest
In the early 20th century a natural cave in the south slope of Gellért Hill was converted into a chapel. The interior is atmospheric, with dim lighting and some peculiar decorations.

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