St. Nicholas Quarter
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The Nikolaiviertel or St. Nicholas Quarter is a small district in the historic center, part of Mitte and close to the Alexanderplatz.
Nikolaiviertel, Berlin
The district's narrow and often pedestrianized streets are very popular with tourists. The area, which borders the Spree river contained some of the oldest buildings in Berlin before it was turned into wasteland at the end of the Second World War.

Recreating a historic district

After the war Nikolaiviertel became part of East-Berlin. It wasn't until 1979, in the run-up to the 750th anniversary of the city,
Nikolaiviertel, Berlin
St. George Statue
before reconstruction of the area started. During the eight-year project, replicas of historic buildings were constructed in an attempt to recreate a historic quarter. It was sometimes scornfully nicknamed 'Honecker's Disneyland' due to the unorthodox way in which the restoration took place. Almost none of the buildings were built at their original location. The result is nonetheless a nice tourist-attracting area with many restaurants, cafés and shops.


At the center of the Nikolaiviertel is the oldest church in Berlin: the thirteenth-century Nikolaikirche. The building has undergone much reconstruction over the centuries. A presbytery was built in 1402 and the two towers were added in 1877.

The Nikolaikirche was destroyed in 1945 by bombing and
Nikolaikirche, Nikolaiviertel, Berlin
completely rebuilt in 1987. The church now houses a museum recounting the history of the city.

Rotes Rathaus

At the border of the Nikolaiviertel is the Rotes Rathaus or Red Town Hall, named so for the red brick walls.

The High-Renaissance style building was designed by Hermann Friedrich Waesemann and constructed between 1861 and 1869. Severely damaged by the war, the Rathaus was reconstructed between 1951 and 1958. The building, officially known as the Berlin Rathaus is the home of the Berlin Mayor.

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