closeEver since the creation of a unified Germany in 1871, the nation's tumultuous history has had a profound impact on the history of its capital Berlin.
Many historic neighborhoods and monuments were destroyed during the Second World War, but since the reunification after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, historic areas like Potsdamer Platz and Pariser Platz have been completely revamped. Nowadays, Berlin is once again one of Europe's greatest cities: lively, dynamic and inviting.
Random Berlin Highlights
Berlin Wall, Berlin
Most of the Berlin wall has been demolished since the border between East and West Berlin opened in 1989. The more than 1km long East Side Gallery is the most important part still standing.
Altes Museum, Berlin
One of several magnificent museums on Berlin's Museum Island, the Altes Museum (Old Museum) is home to a collection of Greek, Roman and Egyptian artifacts.
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
One of three checkpoints at the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie was the site of a standoff between American and Russian tanks in 1961. It became one of the most famous symbols of the Cold War Era.
Statue of Frederick the Great, Berlin
The statue of Frederick the Great was completed in 1851, twenty years after sculptor Christian Daniel Rausch started with the design of this monument. It is decorated with sculptures of generals and contemporary leading figures.

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