Country : Netherlands
Currency : Euro (EUR)
Language : Dutch
City: 747 093 (2008)
Metro: 1 482 287 (2008)
Zone: Central European Time (CET)
Current time:
closeAmsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, even though neither the Dutch government nor the head of state resides in Amsterdam. The largest city in the Netherlands is also the country's biggest tourist-draw.
Most of Amsterdam's top attractions date from the city's heyday during the seventeenth century when it was a financial and political powerhouse. Most of the cities' famous canals and harmonious architecture stems from this era.
Random Amsterdam Highlights
Flower Market, Amsterdam
The flower market in Amsterdam is situated at the Singel, one of the city's many canals. The last of Amsterdam's floating flower markets , it always attracts throngs of tourists.
Rembrandt Square, Amsterdam
This popular and often crowded square was originally created in 1668 as the Butter Market. A statue of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt graces the center of the square.
Amsterdam's Canals, Amsterdam
The many canals in Amsterdam are lined with beautiful, mostly 17th century houses. While the canals were built for economical reasons, they are now Amsterdam's biggest tourist attraction.
Stopera, Amsterdam
The Stopera is a combination of a city hall and opera building. The modern structure was built in the 1980s in a central historic district and contrasts starkly with its surroundings.

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